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WWE Royal Rumble 1999 (1999)

WWE Royal Rumble 1999 (1999)
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Title:WWE Royal Rumble 1999
Director : Kevin Dunn,
Writer :
Producer :
Country:United States of America
Runtime:180 min.
Genre:Action, Drama

 Production Company:World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)


Royal Rumble (1999) was the twelfth annual Royal Rumble PPV. It took place on January 24, 1999 at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. The title was taken from a promise by Mr. McMahon that the first entrant in the Royal Rumble, Steve Austin, had "no chance in hell" of winning the match. The theme song for the event would go on to become the entrance music for McMahon's stable The Corporation and later, just McMahon himself, which he still uses. The main event was the annual Royal Rumble match, which saw the winner receive a title shot for the WWF Championship at the WrestleMania PPV. The Royal Rumble centered around the continuing heated rivalry between Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon. The penultimate match for the WWF Championship was an "I Quit" match between Mankind and The Rock, which is remembered both for its brutality and its place in the documentary film Beyond the Mat. The WWF Intercontinental Championship and WWF Women's Championship were both defended as well.
Dwayne Johnson
Mick Foley
Steve Austin
Vince McMahon
Rena Marlette Lesnar
Sean Michael Waltman
David Heath
Ken Shamrock
Monty Kip Sopp
Brian Girard James
Raymond Washington Traylor, Jr.
John Anthony Tenta Jr.
Darren Drozdov
Adam Copeland
Steve Blackman
Nelson Frazier Jr.
Allen Sarven
Charles Wright
Glenn Thomas Jacobs
Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin
Paul Michael Lévesque
Sean Allen Morley
Mark Henry
Jeff Jarrett
Accie Julius Connor
Owen James Hart
Joanie Laurer