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Watch Men in Black (1997) movie online and download - MovieLogics

Watch Men in Black (1997) movie online and download

Men in Black (1997)

Men in Black (1997)
7/10 by 6025 users
Quality : HD
Title:Men in Black
Director : Barry Sonnenfeld,
Writer :
Producer : Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes,
Country:United States of America
Language:English, Español
Runtime:98 min.
Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction

 Production Company:Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation, Amblin Entertainment, Columbia Pictures
 Homepage: http://www.divxtotal.me/ 


After a police chase with an otherworldly being, a New York City cop is recruited as an agent in a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth: the Men in Black. Agent Kay and new recruit Agent Jay find themselves in the middle of a deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies.
Tommy Lee Jones
Will Smith
Linda Fiorentino
Vincent D'Onofrio
Rip Torn
Tony Shalhoub
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
Mike Nussbaum
Jon Gries
Sergio Calderón
Carel Struycken
Fredric Lehne
Richard Hamilton
Kent Faulcon
John Alexander
Keith Campbell
David Cross
Verne Troyer
Danny DeVito
Sylvester Stallone
Ed Solomon
Steven Spielberg
Lowell Cunningham
Danny Elfman
Donald Peterman
Jim Miller
David Rubin
Debra Zane
Bo Welch
Tom Duffield
Cheryl Carasik
Mary E. Vogt
Sean Haworth
Lawrence A. Hubbs
Tom Chesney
Deborah Habberstad
Jeff Habberstad
Peter Chesney
Rob Coleman
Dan Bronson
Steven R. Molen
Graham Place
Benton Jew
Derek Thompson
John Andrew Berton Jr.
Robert Marinic
Carl N. Frederick
Kyle Ross Collinsworth
Alexandra Altrocchi
Margaret B. Lynch
Timothy Eaton
Jacqueline M. Lopez
Eric Brevig
Stephen St. John
David Golia
Florian Ballhaus
Michael Caracciolo
Gregory W. Smith
David M. Dunlap
Keith Peterman
Russell Engels
Ken Connors
William T. Jones
Martin Lowry
Zoran Veselic
Melinda Sue Gordon
Jay Peterman
Gerard Sava
Mark Gutterud
Maggie Morgan
Danielle Feller
Ellen Segal
Mary Bailey
J. Ellen Evans
Norm MacLeod
Marko A. Costanzo
Benjamin Cheah
Bobby Mackston
Van Ling
Chuck Michael
Eugene Gearty
Rick Freeman
Lewis Goldstein
Michael Barry
Lee Dichter
Skip Lievsay
Pierce Austin
Virginia G. Hadfield
Katherine James
Laini Thompson
Skip Lievsay
Karen Rasch
Scott P. Murphy
Michael Diersing
Michael B. Bunch
Carlo Basail
David Manhan
Sam Rohn
Gino Acevedo
James Carson
Mitch Devane
Christian Zimmermann
Calvin Sterry
Tim Collins
Richard Brooks Burton
Eric M. Metzger
Louis J. Porzio
Jamie Kehoe
Gregory Dultz
Ann Carli
Travis Huffman
Doug Harlocker
Eric Brevig
Mike Currie
Paul Guyot
Brian Smrz
Denny Caira
Steve Lucescu
Graham Place
Jane E. Russell
Stracy Diaz
Mauriece Jacks Jr.
John Cameron
Bob Putynkowski
Michael F. Burke
James Frederick
Jesse Mather
Robbie Goldstein
Gail Martin-Sheridan
Dana Williams
Amy Ness
Steve Bowerman
Todd Milner
Pilar McCurry
Mark McKenzie
Peter F. Kurland
Jeff Pierce
Brent Boates
David Nakabayashi